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New obsession! Acrylic pours.

Started by Kariyana, March 25, 2019, 11:46 AM

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I have started using acrylic pour techniques this week. Some of them are working out, others of course I am not so happy with. Here are two I did this morning.


This is a messy business!  :artist


Rainbow pour and drag.


More fun with pouring. I used the bottom of a soda bottle for this one to make it a bit like a flower.


I think I am having way too much fun!  :stars I am getting a little better maybe as well.  :writing



Verla Kay

You should see these paintings in person! :artist  They are amazing! Soooo awesome! (Yes, I AM a wee bit biased, but even if she wasn't my daughter, the paintings are really good.) :yeah
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These are beautiful and fascinating, Kariana! I'll have to check out a video on how this is done.